the end of an era

Dec 31

My first instinct was to answer the above question with, “Absolutely!”.

However, upon further consideration, I realized that 2015 is a tough year to let go of. Without question, it was the most difficult time of my life. Yet, it was also the most transitional and character-building and progressive year. It allowed me some clarity and insight into how I see myself and what I want to achieve.

My past approaches to the new year have been nothing more than using the calendar reset as an opportunity to track my fitness and healthy diet streak. This new year, I find myself sitting down with my journal and listing specific goals and intentions. This really is a clean slate. The end of 2015 brought me a new job, a lease on a new home, and closure. Everything aligned in time for the year end, so I can shift my focus in 2016 to even more exciting endeavors.

I’ve never felt this good about a new year before.

Happy 2016, darlings.