Friday Favorites

It’s been a long week.

The first full working week I’ve had in over a month, actually. And it was a more hectic week than usual, what with our big project being released to the world last night. I’m about to settle int0 a deliciously lazy evening, but first, here’s some of the smile-inducing “little things” that made my Friday:

  • Officially registering the Auckland half-marathon. Apparently I’ve come out of marathon retirement! I have six months to get back into fine running form.
  • Emptying my wallet for this little guy at the supermarket (that probably makes me sound waaay more generous than I actually was because I only had a few dollars in change). Anzac Day is coming up and it’s kind of neat to be sporting a poppy different from the ones I’d get back home.
  • Leila doing her spectacular jump-and-spin in the park tonight. Very few have seen it, and it hasn’t occurred very many times since we moved to NZ, but I think it’s hysterical. It’s like her puppy switch is flipped and she goes crazy. Barreling around the park, taking hairpin turns, a big sloppy grin on her face, stopping to spin on the spot a few times before taking off again. I chase after her, she charges after me, she picks her leash off the ground and gives it a shake. I fall into a laughing heap in the grass beside her and I imagine we look so nauseatingly happy. Like we’re in a commercial. For a pharmaceutical or something. Anti-depressants, maybe. “YOU TOO COULD BE THIS HAPPY.”
  • Dry-cleaning Leila with this amazing Pet Head dry shampoo I brought back with me from Canada. Yes, from the same company that makes Bed Head products for humans. It smells very yummy (blueberry muffins!) and it’s so handy for in-between legitimate baths.
  • “Toffee-apple” colored jeans.  I’ve been singing to the tune of T-Pain: “Toffee-apple colored jeans, boots with no fur – where’s the fur?! – her coworkers were looking at her…”.
    I know. Trust me, I know. It makes me uncomfortable too.
  • Ipod tunes! Gin Wigmore is one of New Zealand’s national treasures and her new album is finally available on itunes.
  • And also more itunes goodness – the first itunes movie I’ve rented!  The documentary “Aliens of the Deep” which is awaiting me to push Play. I’ve had this huge facination with sharks since I was 14 or so…yes, they’re pretty scary, but I’m excited to see what even scarier stuff they’re dredging up from down there. Nerd out!

Happy weekending!


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