Dirt beet on a dirt bike


Three months ago:

I was sprawled on the ground with my overturned dirt bike growling away beside me. I quelled the panic with calm, yet chastising thoughts. You’re just fine….but what the hell did you just do? It was hot and dusty but strangely comfortable there on the ground so I rested my helmet-clad head upon the rocks and waited for the others to catch up to me. I am so embarrassed. I had known from the second of impact that something was not right with my arm. Out of curiousity, I swivelled my head to survey the damage and sure enough, my elbow was an abnormal shape. Flattened, sort of. I could see a bone pressing outwards. I wonder if that will require pins? I laid my head back down as help arrived.

Turns out, I did not require pins or even a cast. I had an incredibly dislocated elbow and a fracture. It took two attempts by the ER doctor to reset it and then I was confined to a sling for nearly a month.

Three months of rest, physio, then strength training and I’m finally rehabbed enough to get back on the bike. It was a slow reintroduction…I did two short tracks and decided to end on a high note. For the remainder of the weekend, I simply enjoyed our remote campsite in BC. It was the perfect weekend away with a great group of friends, a private lake, and idyllic views.

Halfway lake

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