back in the running

I didn’t think this would happen again, but here we go.

Training for the Mount Robson half-marathon.

half-marathon training

The last half-marathon I ran was three years ago in New Zealand.

Since then, I thought my racing days were over when I learned that my partially-torn ACL had reduced itself to nearly nothing at all.  According to the results from the MRI I had in the fall of 2014 (after yet another injury), all that is left is a stub that has fused to the bone. Add that to a damaged MCL and a partially-torn meniscus that has flipped under itself and you can understand why I was led to believe that running 21.5 km would not happen again.

However, I accepted this as a personal challenge and I registered for the Mount Robson half-marathon and figured I’d see if I could at least make it through training. I’m up to 16 km and going strong, so it’s looking promising! I attribute this progress to a mix of strength training, my talented physiotherapist (who also happens to be my sister), and quite possibly the sheer magicalness of the universe because I sure as hell can’t explain it.

A little over two weeks until race day.