Meanwhile, in the world of Carolyn…

Yesterday was a write-off in the productivity department, on account of Sunday St. Patty’s festivities. The wheels didn’t exactly come off the bus, but we had some friends over for dinner and drinks (conjured up my inner domestic goddess and whipped up an Irish-themed spread) and the weekend as a whole left me with an insatiable urge to sleep for days on end.

I just found out today that a job I’ve been pretty excited about (and have been waiting for the paperwork to come through) has been derailed on account of a hiring freeze. Cue woe. But the universe is kind and in a matter of minutes, I discovered two more job postings that sound more than ideal. Send me good vibes, please! My current employment situation was only supposed to be temporary and it’s becoming more drawn out than I’d like.

My high school bestie is getting married in a few months’ time and I have the absolute honor of being her Maid of Honor! This week kicks off the shower and stagette planning (and if I have my way, there will be NO phallus-shaped drinking cups or other peen paraphernalia of the sort. Ugh. As an alternative, we’ve agreed that nothing gets us in the spirit of stagetting more than panda suits).


Another bout of winter


We had a bit of a blizzard here today. Several hours (and many inches of snow) later, this is the only reason I left the house.

Would you believe this snow-loving, tolerant-of-minus-30-degree-weather dog is originally from Georgia? When I adopted her three years ago, she didn’t skip a beat while transitioning to Canadian winters. And after our stint in NZ, it became quite clear that she prefers snow over sand.

Meaning: the weather is rarely an excuse to not play outside.