Please darling, no pictures, no pictures

Hi, Zsa Zsa

If there’s one thing I haven’t gotten used to (not that it happens a lot), it’s having a video camera all up in my face. I get nervous. I become horribly awkward. I get a dopey smile on my face and my brain won’t function and my mouth won’t form words and I blush like mad.

So, I am probably not the the ideal candidate to partake in a commercial. But when I was approached on the street, the guy was just so darn nice and downplayed the entire thing and it was really just one sentence that I needed to recite. 

If you see the Western Lotto commercial with me grinning like an idiot, professing my love for horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains, please be kind with your judgements. I’m probably more suitable for radio.


Sunday, the unplugged version

Kananaskis sign

Maybe it’s because the days are a bit warmer and a bit longer (just slightly, on both accounts!) and because I feel like I’ve had a fresh start of sorts and am excited for life and love and all good things…that I’m letting go of all those silly, ridiculous things I can’t change and don’t care for. The things that don’t make me feel good. I’m spending less time with my laptop, tv, phone, couch, desk. More time with the people I love; doing the things I love. 

So, when I unplugged from the world on Sunday, I took off to Kananaskis  to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the rural landscape and watch these two run amuck and play in the snow. If this isn’t therapeutic, I don’t know what is.

Phil and Leila1 Phil and Leila3

Leila face in snow Phil and Leila5

Phil fixing boot

And I couldn’t resist adding a photo of Phil fixing my boot for me. He’s such a gentleman ;).