Dirt beet on a dirt bike


Three months ago:

I was sprawled on the ground with my overturned dirt bike growling away beside me. I quelled the panic with calm, yet chastising thoughts. You’re just fine….but what the hell did you just do? It was hot and dusty but strangely comfortable there on the ground so I rested my helmet-clad head upon the rocks and waited for the others to catch up to me. I am so embarrassed. I had known from the second of impact that something was not right with my arm. Out of curiousity, I swivelled my head to survey the damage and sure enough, my elbow was an abnormal shape. Flattened, sort of. I could see a bone pressing outwards. I wonder if that will require pins? I laid my head back down as help arrived.

Turns out, I did not require pins or even a cast. I had an incredibly dislocated elbow and a fracture. It took two attempts by the ER doctor to reset it and then I was confined to a sling for nearly a month.

Three months of rest, physio, then strength training and I’m finally rehabbed enough to get back on the bike. It was a slow reintroduction…I did two short tracks and decided to end on a high note. For the remainder of the weekend, I simply enjoyed our remote campsite in BC. It was the perfect weekend away with a great group of friends, a private lake, and idyllic views.

Halfway lake

C&D on dirtbikes



the end of an era

Dec 31

My first instinct was to answer the above question with, “Absolutely!”.

However, upon further consideration, I realized that 2015 is a tough year to let go of. Without question, it was the most difficult time of my life. Yet, it was also the most transitional and character-building and progressive year. It allowed me some clarity and insight into how I see myself and what I want to achieve.

My past approaches to the new year have been nothing more than using the calendar reset as an opportunity to track my fitness and healthy diet streak. This new year, I find myself sitting down with my journal and listing specific goals and intentions. This really is a clean slate. The end of 2015 brought me a new job, a lease on a new home, and closure. Everything aligned in time for the year end, so I can shift my focus in 2016 to even more exciting endeavors.

I’ve never felt this good about a new year before.

Happy 2016, darlings.



back in the running

I didn’t think this would happen again, but here we go.

Training for the Mount Robson half-marathon.

half-marathon training

The last half-marathon I ran was three years ago in New Zealand.

Since then, I thought my racing days were over when I learned that my partially-torn ACL had reduced itself to nearly nothing at all.  According to the results from the MRI I had in the fall of 2014 (after yet another injury), all that is left is a stub that has fused to the bone. Add that to a damaged MCL and a partially-torn meniscus that has flipped under itself and you can understand why I was led to believe that running 21.5 km would not happen again.

However, I accepted this as a personal challenge and I registered for the Mount Robson half-marathon and figured I’d see if I could at least make it through training. I’m up to 16 km and going strong, so it’s looking promising! I attribute this progress to a mix of strength training, my talented physiotherapist (who also happens to be my sister), and quite possibly the sheer magicalness of the universe because I sure as hell can’t explain it.

A little over two weeks until race day.



June mixtape

Mondays can often be a shock to the system for us corporate cubicle-dwellers. Especially now that June is here and weekends are usually abundant with fresh air and sunshine, hunkering down in a grey, windowless, stuffy cubicle can seem even more oppressing than usual.

I find today extra challenging though, since I spent most of this past weekend laid up on the couch with a nasty virus. I bounced back just in time to start the work week, naturally. I feel robbed.

Anyway, I’m sharing some of the tunes I’ve been listening to today. I think my favourite is the single “Delilah” from Florence + the Machine’s newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.


June playlist



Travel: Kauai

Kauai. The island that greets with you a sense of serenity and beauty, even if your plane lands in the dark.

Where the locals are so friendly, you’re not sure if they’ve mistaken you for someone they’ve met before.

And  where 80% of the tiny island is uninhabited / inaccessible, yet eight days was not nearly long enough to explore it all.

My mother, sister, and I left our men at home and indulged ourselves in a week of tropical splendor. We rented a Jeep and drove around the island, visiting beaches, perusing shops, eating fish tacos. I had the most relaxing and restorative stay on the island. And, why wouldn’t I? Kauai (and Hawaii in general) is known for its healing powers, after all.

A few of my favourite moments included a helicopter tour of the island (we flew with Safari Helicopters and they have the most amazing crew!):

Waipoo Falls
Waipoo Falls, Waimea Canyon

…hiking the Kalalau Trail:

Kalalau Trail
Kalalau Trail, along the Na Pali Coast

…spotting a rare Hawaiian monk seal on Poipu Beach:

Hawaiian monk seal
Protected Hawaiian Monk seal

…and waking up every morning in our Princeville condo, to skies like this:

Kauai sunrise
Kauai sunrise



It’s all coming {slowly} together…

I’m finally making the transition to a self-hosted site and will be livening things up around here. There are still a few snags to work out, though.

For instance, where did my header go?!

My Technical Advisor is helping me work on it. See?

Carolyn and Leila

Please check back soon!

~ C.

The start of the snowboarding season

My first day of the season at Sunshine Village consisted of several small triumphant “firsts”.

It was the first time in almost two years that I went riding solo (it doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I appreciate the time alone in the mountains).

It was also the first time ever that I made first chair of the day.

And, most importantly, it was the first time I attempted snowboarding since learning that I do not have an ACL anymore. Pretty sure this means I’m invincible.



Procrastinating by writing about procrastinating

For years, I’ve branded myself as a procrastinator.

This self-deprecating term isn’t entirely accurate. I feel as though it makes me sound lazy. Unmotivated. Uninterested.

However, when I proclaim I’m a procrastinator, what I’m not conveying to people is that I haven’t done a particular task because my focus is scattered, not because I’m lazy or don’t want to do it. There are SO many different things that I want to do, that they are all contenders for my attention. I’m not certain which one to do first.

Take this very moment, for instance. I have some days off, and there is a race going on in my head. A fight for priorities. I am writing, but I’m also doing laundry and thinking about all the emails I need to clean out of my inbox, and how I need to finish my maid of honor speech today, plus the workout/physiotherapy exercises to do, the errands that need to be run, and the house that desperately needs to be cleaned. There are those books I want to read, but it’s so beautiful outside and I should be taking advantage of it because these summer days are limited and I want to plan some hikes and bike trips and camping. There are unfinished projects, like going through travel photos from the past seven years that I am going to sort and print, and the beat-up sideboard table that’s sitting in my garage (half-sanded). I’ve been neglecting yoga lately, to the detriment of my hamstrings and hip flexors, but wouldn’t mountain biking be a great activity to take up? Also, I’m long overdue in catching up with some dear friends I  haven’t seen in quite some time, plus there’s that obedience/scent detection course that I think Leila-dog would really benefit from attending, which I should look into. I have pretty much forgotten how to use my DSLR, so I’d like to brush up on my camera skills. I have some new cookbooks to try out and I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet because, you know, throw blankets are a necessity. I miss horseback riding and would love to regularly visit the farm and have my mum coach me back into an acceptable riding form, and there’s that big trip my sister and I are planning for next year that I need to start researching. I want to brush up on my professional skills too and take some more courses. And, this blog layout annoys me and I want to make it more interesting.

That’s not even the entire list, of course.

Am I unwittingly a candidate for an ADHD diagnosis? Or am I just interested in too many things and need to narrow my focus?

Prioritize, organize, and finalize. Short-term vs long-term goals.

Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed with all the possibilities that I start doing several things at once and don’t finish any of them for a prolonged length of time. Or, I just sit at the computer and list everything I want/need to do, to avoid making a decision.

Hmmm. Maybe I am a little bit of a  procrastinator after all.




Time-out from the city

Sometimes, spontaneity is unexpectedly staying overnight at the family farm….

Farm sunset-001

….and going horseback riding the next morning in borrowed jammy jams.


It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to envision my future self living in the city.
Despite the fact that I’ve been living in a city for more than 10 years (and I certainly do appreciate many of the urban conveniences!), I have always been drawn to a rural lifestyle.

What more can I say? It’s in my roots.

And, apparently it’s illegal to keep a pony in my backyard. Fun-spongey city bylaw officers.